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    What is "Synthesis"


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    What is "Synthesis"

    Post by Momi/Tsuntsun on Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:00 pm

    Before entering our family estate, there are a few things you ought to know...

    First, let's learn the principle of synthesis : "the putting together of parts so as to form a whole" study

    Or, for those who prefer images --->  

    So, this is a big community of mature and nice players, based on mutual support.
    We are not greedy, not even needy, we don't rage, we don't patronize.
    But we help each other, sharing knowledge, gathering items, spoiling ourselves with hard-earned loot, doing quests, running dungeons, etc.

    Ultimately, our goal is to help all our members grow while enjoying the game and reach the cap level (50 for now), but it doesn't stop there!

    Those who think that a guild which promotes selflessness and communication is nice for leveling, but now you want the hardcore stuff so eventually you'll leave to play with the tougher boys with shiny weapons, please turn back and go knock on someone else's door. We can do it well enough, and well enough without you.

    Our top members are already active in end-level PvE (daily raids) and PvP (guild team arenas, guild wars) and we cannot but wish that soon, we'll be more to join the fray!

    The game is still young and, while some bad prophets are already foreseeing its demise, it's up to you to make it a striving and fulfilling place sunny
    A note, however, because there are more and more players coming to Samsara but there is also a limit to how many more (and how much merrier) we can be: Our loving father,  cheers Hells cheers , likes to keep things in order and has a very neat kicking policy to help keep the family lively king  A guild is a place where our little characters all live together; yes: live, don't sleep in a corner uncared for for weeks on. So twelve shall be the number of days your siesta can last before your pixel butt meets the mighty foot of our beloved GM, and you know again of the world's harsh reality without your family's warm embrace...

    Kapish? Very Happy
    If what is inscribed here is your thing, then feel free to step ahead to the Guest room, where you can request a place near the hearth.
    You will also find the Garden, where our activities take place, as well as the Study (soon to be) filled with guides and tips of all sorts.
    Should you need help, you just have to ask in the place made for that! The very existence of this forum is also to lighten the burden of our officers, who tend to spend more time in game managing the Guild and answering your needs than enjoying themselves as they should. While this page should in no way become a replacement of the guild channel, please try to use it as much as you can when looking for informations or requesting something.

    Think about your guildmates before yourself, because that's what we do!  Wink

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