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    How to apply


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    How to apply

    Post by Momi/Tsuntsun on Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:55 pm

    More than an "application form" per se, this is about introducing yourself and doing a little better than "need gild inv pls" whispered hastily to one of our generals in game.

    We don't care about your gear, your dps and whatnot. But we would like to know a bit about you (we leave to your discretion the amount of personal information you'd like to disclose: age, gender, country, etc.), your game experience and goals, the other games you play, what you like in general....... whatever that can prove us that you're nice enough to enter our family (and not an illiterate troll geek ) !

    And because we'd love to know that you read The Family's Ledger, don't forget to tell us in your presentation: (the question worth 9999 points!) how many days you can idle out of the game (without a good and announced reason, of course) before bringing upon yourself our mighty Lord Hells' wrath ?

    We are open to all classes and levels.

    Though, due to numbers restrictions and the necessity to keep a balance within the guild (or better said: to remedy the already huge discrepancy between the classes), we recruit in priority for now :


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